Wearable Intelligent Banking


In October 2014, we attended a Hackathon about Wearable & Banking in Paris. Our goal was to provide a "device-agnostic" experience with a maximum number of Wearable devices. We have chosen to make Google Glass, Smartphone Beacon & Smartwatch talk to each other.

This project has been awarded "Incubator's choice" by the jury and is going to be incubated for 2 months by Société Générale.

We are sharing the apps needed to make this connected experience work, please try this at home! If you have any feedback, let us know.


Use case

The customer books an appointment with its banking app (Smartphone), goes to its local branch, as soon as he enters inside the bank is presence is detected (Beacon) and a notification is sent to his bank advisor (Google Glass) as well as a notification on his app (Smartphone) with a timer and news regarding the local branch. After the appointment the customer has the option to leave a feedback through his phone or Smartwatch.

Step 1: Smartphone

An appointment is booked through the banking app, the customer (or the prospect) can change his name and pick his advisor.

Step 2: Smartphone, Beacon & Glass

When entering the bank, a beacon detects its presence, sends simultaneously a notification to his bank advisor's Google Glass as well as a notification on his Smartphone that his advisor has been notified of his arrival. The customer can now check how many minutes are left before its appointment or while checking the latest news of the branch.

Step 3: Glass & Smartwatch

When the appointment is over, the bank advisor swipe down on Google Glass triggering a notification on the customer' Smartphone app as well as his Smartwatch. Right from the Smartwatch the customer can give his feedback: thumbs up, thumbs down or to leave a comment from its Smartwatch thanks to the built-in the speech-to-text.


For this receipe, you will need:
2 Android Devices (tested with Nexus 4 & 5)
1 Beacon
1 Google Glass
1 Smartwatch (Optional, tested with LG G Watch)


This project was made by Yann Tolila, Jonathan Salamon & David-Henri Bismuth.

We are based in Paris and if you want to know more about the project, feel free to contact us.